Server: Emerald Total Kills: 468621
Faction: TR Average Kills Per Member: 7943
Outfit Leader: TotalBiscuit Total XP: 343602954
Oufit Symbol: BRIT Average XP Per Member: 5823779
Outfit Creation Date: 11/20/2012 8:22:37 PM Average Battlerank: 55
Number of Members: 59 Average K/D Ratio: 1.08
Active Members (last 7 Days): 22 (37%) Total Captures/Defenses: 45949/75667
Active Members (last 30 Days): 31 (53%) Total Play Time:1125d 12h 23m
Average Play Time:19d 1h 50m

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Let the Brit Drop

BRIT | Terran Republic | Emerald | Leader: TotalBiscuit
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Online Last 30 Days
Members Online Last 7 Days
Members Online Last 30 Days
468621 Kills
1125 Days Played
45949 Captures
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